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About Fiberpipe Data Centers

Fiberpipe Data Centers was established in January 2000 to provide high-quality data center services to business clients of all sizes. In 2008, Fiberpipe focused on its core data center service offerings providing high-availability and scalable colocation services from its 45,000 square foot facility.   Fiberpipe has created an organization and business model centered on flexibility and client satisfaction. Our organization and culture embrace change, and our flexibility and ability to partner allows us to meet individual client needs and embrace changing market opportunities and technology enhancements. In addition, we have pulled together a team with years of success, experience and industry proven knowledge that significantly matures our organization.

Main photo-data center or cololcation, disaster recovery, fiber pipe data enters. Safest state for data.


  • Jan 2000 Founded as VOIP Internet Services Provider
  • Oct 2000 Commissioned BOI1 Colo Hall
    • First Certified CISCO Converged Managed Network in Idaho
    • 100% documented uptime since commissioning
  • Oct 2008 Commissioned BOI2 Colo Hall
    • Site selected by Hughes Net Service as Boise network HUB
    • Metered and Redundant Power Systems
    • Energy efficient chilled water Cooling
    • 100% documented uptime since commissioning
  • Dec 2010 Acquired entire 45,000 sq ft 10215 facility
  • May 2014 Acquired 3.4 Acres 9601 Emerald Street
  • Oct 2015 commissioned an additional 225KVA UPS and 188 Ton Chiller
    • Doubled metered power availability
    • N+1 Water Chillers
  • Dec 2015 acquired 2500 sq ft Cricket/AT&T tenant Telecom facility
    • State-of-the-Art Carrier Neutral Cross Connect CO-OP
  • Mar 2016 Facility Remodel
    • Front Lobby/24 hour Security station
    • Customer Conference Room Facility
    • Network/Data Center Monitoring station
    • Security and Access for entire facility
    • Added 4 Business Continuity Suites
    • Dedicated Data Center facility with no outside Tenants

According to a Forbes report conducted by Sperling’s Best Places (,

Boise ranked as the second safest location in the country for weather and other disasters.