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Mission Statement

We will provide reliable, high quality, latest technology, superior service and innovation to meet our customers IT Infrastructure Data Center needs. We will maintain an atmosphere of innovation and excellence providing employees challenging opportunities, personal development, and recognition for their efforts. Our ability to provide exceptional reliable data center infrastructure will allow our customers to focus on their core competencies and provide clients, employees, and stockholders exceptional value and returns.

Integrity and Ethical Values

The effectiveness of controls cannot rise above the integrity and ethical values of the people who create, administer and monitor them. Integrity and ethical values are essential elements of Fiberpipe’s control environment, affecting the design, administration, and monitoring of other components. Integrity and ethical behavior is the product of Fiberpipe’s ethical and behavioral standards, how they are communicated, and how they are reinforced in practices. They include management’s actions to remove or reduce incentives and temptations that might prompt personnel to engage in dishonest, illegal, or unethical acts. They also include the communication of entity values and behavioral standards to personnel through policy statements and codes of conduct, as well as by example.

Specific control activities that the service organization has implemented in this area are described below:

  • Organizational policy statements and codes of conduct are documented and communicate entity values and behavioral standards to personnel. The employee policy and procedures manual contains organizational policy statements and codes of conduct to which employees are required to adhere.
  • Policies and procedures require that employees sign an acknowledgment form indicating that they have been given access to the employee manual and understand their responsibility for adhering to the policies and procedures contained within the manual.
  • A confidentiality statement agreeing not to disclose proprietary or confidential information, including client information, to unauthorized parties is a component of the employee handbook.

Management’s Philosophy and Operating Style

Fiberpipe’s management philosophy and operating style encompass a broad range of characteristics. Such characteristics include management’s approach to taking and monitoring business risks, and management’s attitudes toward information processing, accounting functions and personnel.

Organizational Structure and Assignment of Authority and Responsibility

The Company’s organizational structure provides the framework within which activities for achieving objectives are planned, executed, controlled and monitored. The structure provides for an adequate segregation of duties as well as clearly defined areas of responsibility.