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Ken Birch


Ken located to Boise, Idaho in 1989 as a PC product support engineer for Micron Technology.  He was instrumental in helping Micron diversify memory components into memory cards, video cards and onboard cache used in the early personal computer and server markets.  His technical knowledge of systems architecture landed him the opportunity as a co-founder of Edge Technology in Nampa, Idaho as the first non-wholly owned subsidiary of Micron Technology.  Utilizing only $100K in initial start-up capital, Ken won the coveted PC Magazine Editors Choice and front cover for its first nationally reviewed desktop PC in January, 1991.  The company changed its name to Micron Computers and thru an acquisition of Zeos International in 1995, became Micron Electronics with sales of over $2.5B and 2,500 employees.

As a driver of PC and server technologies, Ken founded Fiberpipe, Inc in January 2000 as an Internet Services company with emphasis on VOIP technology.  Under his leadership, Ken identified the need for Fiberpipe to design and built out its first carrier class data center infrastructure in October, 2000 to house the first converged managed Cisco certified network in the state of Idaho.  His early vision was that networks and data will grow at a rate that will require infrastructure to be closer to the delivery devices.  Through this knowledge, vision and leadership, Ken has transformed the company over the past 16 years into an owner/operator of “state-of-the-art” data center colocation facilities with 100% reliability.

As one of the best and safest places to work, Ken and his family enjoy all that Boise offers from biking, skiing, hiking, boating, hunting and fishing.  He is also active in the community and local charities.

He has over 30 years experience in personal computer and related technologies, holds a U.S. Patent on symmetrical processing, and a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arizona.

Matthew Klinger


Prior to Fiberpipe, Matt worked at Vida Senior Home Care in Boise as one of the Executive Director’s and the Chief Marketing Officer. In that role, Matt was responsible for developing and maintaining strategic business and sales plans for ten branches, eight sales reps for a combined $20 million dollar in total revenue. Matt consulted and direct customer service and customer monitoring processes to ensure client retention and increase in client volume.   Matt help created the brand of each individual office along with the national Vida recognition through social media, local community networking, chamber, volunteer events and most of all relationships with key decision makers. His passion has always been with business development, researched product ideas and solutions for his clients in areas for business growth.

Matt has over 10 years in business development in healthcare, construction supplies, and project management.   Matt carries a Bachelor’s degree in Education with a focus on Math and Science. I have been passionate in my commitment to three things throughout my career that I will transfer over into the current role with Fiberpipe: I maximize individual’s performance, inspire individual’s interest through marketing and ethical sales, and lastly instilling a sense of pride among individuals. I have dedicated my career to each of these pursuits. Matt is also a member of the Boise Chamber and the Idaho Tech Council, looking at ways to give back to the community.

Gary Lindstrom

Data Center Operations

Gary has 32 years of industry experience. Gary entered the industry in 1983 as a contract programmer for Northwest Nazarene College (NNC) and after graduating from the University of Idaho, took a job at at NNC as the Associate Director of the Administrative Computer Center. Gary had responsibility for designing and administrating the administrative software systems in addition to the campus LAN, which supported 2000+ users and numerous Novell, UNIX and Microsoft servers.   In 2000, Gary joined Fiberpipe as a Senior Network and Systems Engineer and played an active role in design, installation, and maintenance of the Fiberpipe network. Gary currently serves dual roles as the Fiberpipe Facilities Manager and the Director of Data Center Operations.

Jim Waldon

Network Operations

Over the last 20 plus years, Jim has worked in the Corporate ISP/ASP field. His duties have included systems security; mail, RADIUS, USENET, DNS, web, and database server administration; general UNIX-based systems administration; Cisco IOS routing, switching, and firewall administration. He has programmed using several high and low level languages. Jim’s current role with FIBERPIPE leverages his broad prior experience and level of responsibility for service, server, and network administration, as well for writing, configuring, and maintaining software.

Chris Townsend

Security Analyst and Operation Tech Support

Chris has over 20 years in communications and Information Technology as well as being a former Army Gulf War Veteran. With a diverse background and skill set that allows for datacenter operations support as well as site security administrator. Coordinates directly with CEO, VP, and CTO for regular security audits, facilities and infrastructure preventive maintenance, risk assessment and annual SSAE16 certification compliance.