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The Benefits of Colocation

Benefits of Colocation

The Benefits of Colocation

Colocation solves your “What if?” worries

What if?

Is that the type of question that keeps you up at night? Or perhaps you’ve been so focused on building your business, you haven’t had the time to think about all the what if’s your company may encounter.

The most important concern any company should have is protecting and keeping its data secure and accessible no matter what contingencies might occur.

If 2017 had a story to tell, it was that disaster can strike where when you least expect. It can wipe out your business in flood waters, fire, and destructive power outages.

Mother nature can strike hard. So can man-made disasters. Could your business thrive if there were interruptions in the power grid? Or if the power to your building went down? What if your employees couldn’t get to your offices due to flooding? Could you relocate your operation to temporary space where your employees could access the data on your servers and continue operations? Can your business afford to lose data or absorb days or weeks of downtime?

Don’t lose the heart of your business for a single instance.

Why Colocation Matters:


With colocation, your business won’t have to build and maintain servers or employ an IT staff to maintain it on a daily, monthly and year-round basis. Colocation services provide many benefits to benefits, but perhaps the number one, is that it keeps your business efficient and moving. So when the servers need to be rebooted at 4:00 A.M., they are. Problems like these shouldn’t be visible to the business, and employees certainly shouldn’t be walking into it them the next day.

By colocating your business in a data center, you will enable your business to focus on its core services, increasing your company’s overall productivity.

This also means you can scale up when you need to. You will no longer have to plan for the purchase of new servers months or years in advance, or scramble to purchase new equipment at the last minute if you experience unanticipated growth. Not to mention the maintenance. Large server systems require climate and temperature controls to work effectively. This means large, committed areas of office space that are staffed with qualified IT employees. Those high per-square foot expenses can be saved and put to better use.

In other words, colocation services save businesses a ton of money.


Colocation makes sense on many levels. Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a few quarters, or a few years, but where’s the best place to colocate and what is the best colocation company for your business?

According to Forbes, Boise Idaho is one of the safest locations in the country. In the United States, Boise is one of the least likely to experience a natural disaster or dangerous weather. The New York Times listed it as one the top places to avoid the harshest effects of climate change and has been our home since our founding (2000).

It’s all about uptime, where power is coming from, it’s consistency and how many sources you’ve got. For example, Fiberpipe Data Centers are powered by cost-effective hydroelectricity. Not only is it green, its abundant. In and around Boise there are over 140 hydroelectric power plants that offer a combined generating capacity of approximately 2,500 MW of power.

Everything in colocation is about redundancy, including power – especially power. A quality data center should have a “Prime Power Rated” generator designed for varying loads and continuous operation, just like the utility companies have. 200 hours of backup power is simply not enough. Moreover, fully redundant backups are held in a secure secondary location providing your company’s data with yet another layer of security.

Continuity & Security

Fiberpipe Data Centers owns a 45,000 square foot facility and is always planning for expansion. Its secure location is monitored 24/7 365 days a year with cameras and on-site IT professionals. Only authorized personnel are able to enter the facility. In addition, servers can be housed with a secondary level of security within locked cages.

Computer specialists can provide restoration services on or off site. If you need to relocate your business temporarily, Fiberpipe has multiple Continuity Suites available.

Optimal Internet Connectivity and Streaming Services

Providing a data center has Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), which administers 100% uptime quality connectivity, network engineers can route your traffic so that it will be distributed to the provider with the best path.

BGP metrics allow engineers to utilize the optimal load distributions and balancing to speed connection to your servers. For example, if any carrier has an outage, Fiberpipe’s Premium Border Gateway Protocol will keep your company connected at all times with the best possible routing. Building this kind of network connectivity in-house would be cost prohibitive.

Does your company offer seminars and training in multiple locations and have a need to stream content for this or any other reason? Colocating your business could allow you to provide live or on demand rich media over the internet. Living streaming won’t tax your servers or slow your business. It will provide a platform to showcase your company’s talents or communicate within.


Fiberpipe Data Centers Are Led by an Experienced Team of IT Professionals

We were founded by Ken Birch in 2000. Ken is an expert in system architecture having co-founded Edge Technology which won PC Magazine’s Editor choice award and front cover status for its first nationally reviewed desktop in 1991. Edge Technology went on to become Micron Electronics with sales of over 2.5 billion a year

Ken founded Fiberpipe, Inc. in January of 2000 and built the state-of-the-art data center colocation facility it is today. With its outstanding 100% reliability, it’s a standout in its field.

Don’t put off planning for tomorrow. Plan now for your company’s growth, security, and freedom from business interruptions due to natural or man-made disasters.


Call or contact Fiberpipe Data Centers now, we’ll tell you why colocation is the best option for your business and how the services can be tailored to the needs of your growing business.

You can reach Fiberpipe at 888-414-8818 or you can send a meeting request by completing this form.