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  Today’s business world depends on cloud computing and data storage. Basements are no longer filled with paper files. During the recent decades, data...

Data centers are likely to become both more important and crucial to the continued viability of any business that relies on its information...

From the very first computer, programmers needed a way to categorize machines based on their functions. Since many of the earliest uses of networks involved a single computer utilized by many users, the natural tendency was to call the users "clients." Most of these users connected to a central machine, very often a mainframe, through terminals that had no processing power of their own.
The History of Data Storage from Magnetic Tape to the Cloud Data storage solutions have drastically changed over the last one hundred years or so. From magnetic tape to the cloud everything, here's a quick journey through the history of data storage and how we've adapted as technology has changed.
The Information Age is not a new concept. We have been inundated with data for a long time. But the concept of Big Data is more recent. The term has been in use since the 1990s and was more accurately defined in the 2000s with the now well-known three Vs of Big Data:
In the hit 2015 movie Creed, there was an amusing scene where Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) writes down a workout routine for aspiring boxer Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan). Johnson snaps a picture of the workout on his phone and, as he walks away, Rocky calls out, “Don’t you need this?” Johnson answers, “It’s in the cloud.”
Some people think of redundancy as repeating yourself or saying the same thing more than once in different ways, but in disaster preparedness redundancy means a positive duplication of systems, servers, files, backups, power, etc. that ensures business continuity.
Cryptocurrency, still in its neophyte stages, is a medium of exchange referred to as:  
  • Altcoin
  • Alternative Coins
  • Alternative Currency
  • Virtual Currency, and
  • Digital Currency

Colocation solves your "What if?" worries

What if?

Is that the type of question that keeps you up at night? Or perhaps you’ve been so focused on building your business, you haven’t had the time to think about all the what if’s your company may encounter. The most important concern any company should have is protecting and keeping its data secure and accessible no matter what contingencies might occur. If 2017 had a story to tell, it was that disaster can strike where when you least expect. It can wipe out your business in flood waters, fire, and destructive power outages. Mother nature can strike hard. So can man-made disasters. Could your business thrive if there were interruptions in the power grid? Or if the power to your building went down? What if your employees couldn’t get to your offices due to flooding? Could you relocate your operation to temporary space where your employees could access the data on your servers and continue operations? Can your business afford to lose data or absorb days or weeks of downtime? Don’t lose the heart of your business for a single instance.