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It's all about Uptime!


Fiberpipe Data Centers Carrier Neutral facilities also offer a premium redundant link to the Internet that gives you an improved service, reduced outages and competitive rates. Our strategy offers network administrators peace of mind. Here is how our network operations team use Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to produce 100% Uptime quality connectivity.

FPDC uses three (3) main network providers for our blended premium BGP routed bandwidth:

Level 3 Communications
Zayo Group

All three of our main providers have the ability to burst to 10 Gigs. Utilizing “Collapse Rings” Diverse AND Redundant rings instead of tributary links, has allowed us to provide you with premium bandwidth. We have Multiple and Redundant Fiber entrances in to our data centers, along with multiple routers and switches.

BGP is one of the key tools FPDC uses for achieving Internet connection redundancy. Our network engineers connect your location to two different Internet service providers, while they multihome your network to two different ISPs, BGP runs on our Internet routers. Our engineers provide you with redundancy and network optimization by selecting which ISP offers the best and quickest path to your network.

With the proliferation of VPNs, e-commerce, and a multitude of other crucial Internet applications, access to the Internet has become mission critical for many organizations, and Internet connection redundancy is vital to ensuring the availability of these applications. FPDC network engineers assist you in the justification for Internet connection redundancy.

Normally, there will be some paths from one provider that are shorter than the other ISP, and vice versa. FPDC network engineers will route your traffic so that it will be distributed to the provider with the best AS path. Our expertise utilizes BGP metrics, to perform different forms of load distribution and load balancing.

If an anyone of our carrier partners have an outage, FPDC Premium BGP DIA will keep your company connected to your customers at all times using best available routing!.