Customer Information
It's all about Uptime!


At Fiberpipe, we understand that your service is only as good as the support. Our customer and technical support services have a single goal: “to ensure that you have uninterrupted access to all your mission critical Internet applications.”

To meet this goal, our highly trained and certified support staff takes a proactive approach to customer service. In our Rapid Response telephone support, you actually talk with a real person. Our Network Operations Center is equipped with advanced tracking and troubleshooting systems for both hardware and software maintenance. As part of our standard service policy, we continually monitor bandwidth capacity and reroute traffic as needed. Plus, we monitor your system, on an ongoing basis to avoid service interruption. Service is the most important component in forging long-term business relationships. Our attention to detail and the depth of support personnel are two reasons why our customers depend on us for Internet solutions.

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