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When to Outsource IT?

When to Outsource IT?


Today’s business world depends on cloud computing and data storage. Basements are no longer filled with paper files. During the recent decades, data storage evolved from floppy disks to hard drives to data storage centers.

Managing data is a problem that businesses of all sizes face. Entrepreneurs may start keeping their data on cell phones or tablets. As businesses grow, their personal cloud for data storage fills quickly. Medium size companies may have an IT team, but they may struggle with the expenses of funding for an IT department and staying current with new technologies. Large businesses need storage for massive amounts of data. Also, security issues present problems. Fortunately, IT outsourcing is one solution for all of these problems.

IT outsourcing involves compensating a third-party business by leasing servers to back up and manage data storage. How do you know when it is time to outsource IT? There are a few questions to ask yourself before making a final decision.


Will My Data Be Secure?

Since your data is vital to operations, the safety of your data can put your company at stake. Before you outsource, be sure that a comprehensive vetting process is in place. Be sure that the company you choose has the proper credentials and their identity is authentic. Inquire about the verification process for the employees that have access to your data.

Also, another factor to consider is the actual physical safety of the servers. No one wants to deal with damaged servers that result in lost data. Finding a company with facilities designed to prevent damage to data is crucial.

FiberPipe is one company with exceptional safety features:

  • Constant power source from hydroelectricity and generators.
  • Location is in Idaho, which is one of the states with the least amount of natural disasters.
  • 24/7 State of the Art Security
  • Cooling systems.

Your business deserves a company that is internally and externally secure.


Am I an Expert in IT?

Dealing with IT problems is frustrating and time-consuming. Unless you are an expert in this field, a better idea is to outsource to an experienced company with IT experts and resources. This allows a business owner to focus on other aspects of the company.


What Are the Benefits?

The main benefits of outsourcing data management deal with speed, innovation, and flexibility. It offers companies of all sizes the ability to operate faster and be more innovative. Cloud technology brings flexibility to employees and less specialized training. Data and business applications are accessible from anywhere at any time with an internet connection. These benefits allow your company to function more efficiently.


Is This a Cost-Effective Strategy?

Absolutely! One of the most significant benefits of outsourcing is the considerable amount of savings in the IT budget of a company. Regardless of the size, businesses save by:

  • Reducing spending on equipment and software.
  • Eliminating licensing and renewal subscriptions.
  • Most contracts include upgrades and maintenance.
  • Save on energy usage.
  • Requires a lower investment than setting up your own IT department.


are you ready to outsource your IT needs? FiberPipe offers solutions in order to meet the needs of your business. At FiberPipe, we safely manage your data and your business reaps the benefits of savings, efficiency, and innovation.